8 main digital marketing channels

Do you know , how can using deferent  digital marketing channels effect the ability of spreading and increasing the sales of your products?. Bring a piece of paper and a pen and write with me the eight golden ways you must follow to achieve the best results.

In this article, we’ll cover the top online marketing channels, each with their own rules and tools.

8 main digital marketing channels

1.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The acronym SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It refers to paid advertising campaigns that allow the appearance of ads in search engines. These ads tend to appear at the top and side of the results.
This system allows companies to appear according to the search they choose and in a fast and controlled way, since we have a large number of KPIs that will show us the performance of the campaign in a detailed and detailed way. We can invest the budget we consider and appear at the times that best suits us without any commitment. The payment model is usually CPC (cost per click).

The main SEM platforms are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM), Microsoft Advertising, and Ask.

  1. SEO in digital strategy.

The objective of SEO is to improve the position in which our pages appear in the natural results that search engines show in certain searches.

It is the process that allows, through a set of technologies, to improve the position of the web page in search engines in order to increase the visibility and traffic obtained by these means, and it is also considered one of the most important marketing channels .

We can divide SEO into two main groups:

1) SEO On-page: it is based on the improvements that can be applied on the website itself. It is focused on the optimization and improvement of content and keywords, loading time, user experience and accessibility, optimization of the code and format of URLs on the web.

2) SEO Off-page: it is based on factors external to the web page. It is focused on improving notoriety through the number and quality of the links that refer to the site, the presence on social networks, media mentions and performance in search results. It requires perseverance and supervision to control the situation at all times and see the position regarding the competition. No one can assure results or positions.

3.Display or Rich Media Ads.

Graphic advertising or Display Advertising covers a wide variety of formats useful in a digital strategy, such as video, audio, banner, text or image. It is displayed on a web page while the user is browsing and normally the ad is at the top or on the side of the content displayed, although there is more and more variety in this regard. This type of advertising is what we inherit most directly, in the digital world, from conventional offline media and is currently one of the main channels of a digital strategy.
although for example Google Adwords includes in its display network most of the media that is managed from Google Adwords itself. This type of advertising includes all kinds of formats commonly.

4.E-Mail Marketing.

E-mail is a marketing channels allows you to reach a wide audience to which you can present a specific and personalized proposal for your business thanks to the possibility of segmenting and creating clusters depending on various factors that can be taken into account in each case. What is interesting, moreover, is the possibility of analyzing the results of the campaign. There is data that is important to take into account, for example, the registered users of a database that will be impacted with the shipment, the shipments that have been made successfully, the opening rate, the clicks obtained and, to finish , the behavior of these once they have reached the landing page.

It is important to differentiate what is a good e-Mail marketing from mass e-mails that can touch Spam or that in many cases are really annoying because it is possible to offer our customers products that they are not interested in, which They have or a more expensive price than they bought it, which is a good definition of “Anti Marketing”.

5.Affiliates and Sponsorships.

Affiliate programs are the dream of any commercial director, since they allow to have a wide network of commercials (websites with all their possibilities) that are paid only when they meet the established objectives (for example, for sales or generation of contacts).

In a digital strategy, affiliate programs consist of a company agreeing to pay a fixed cost per sale or a certain percentage of the total amount of sales, for those generated by one or more affiliate networks.
The companies provide the necessary material and information to the affiliate networks and they are in charge of advertising the products offered.


Specialized directories, although generally and with honorable exceptions tend to have a low traffic volume, are excellent for targeting a niche audience in the sector that interests us.

There are all kinds of directories and according to our product or service we must select the mix that interests us most (thematic directories, local searches, price comparators, etc.)

7.Social Media Marketing (SMM).

In great boom since the birth of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, but not exclusive to these platforms since there are dozens of tools that must be managed for a successful SMM (blogs, communities, content aggregators (RSS feeds), etc).

SMM: It is a one of  marketing channels tools that aims to produce premium content that attracts users, encourages them to participate in their social networks, spread the company’s brand and expand the reach of customers.

Additionally, there are advertising possibilities and promotional tools to highlight our presence and products on these social networks.

The importance of SMM to the business is to get customer feedback and comments directly and it can also reduce the distance between them, making them look more elegant. This aspect of SMM is called social customer relationship management (Social CRM).

  1. Social Media Optimization (SMO).

It is about optimization in online social networks or positioning in online social media by participating in conversations, creating profiles, adding content to them, etc.

To end this post on the main channels of a digital strategy, I leave you with a phrase from Steve Jobs: “It is not enough to ask your customers what they want and give it to them. By the time you’ve got it, they’ll want something new. “

Innovate in your digital strategy and consider day by day what you can do to improve it.

Now I have put in your hands the golden marketing channels . Share comments on their uses for each and which one do you prefer?
What did you neglect and now you decide to focus your effort on it?