8 Reasons to have e-commerce website

Currently, entrepreneurs have the possibility to expand their market, and thereby increase their sales thanks to e-commerce websites, or online sale of products and services. However, it is not yet a channel that all business owners use, some simply because they do not know what it is and they put up non-existent barriers.

Creating a website is not only to be trending or gain visibility, there are many cases where big businesses have decided to migrate definitively to the digital world, thanks to the benefits it represents.

Clearly, Internet sales can be a great help for business, because in a virtual store only hosting services must be paid, initially the design and programming, and the management of the site. However, if you bet on a store on Facebook the costs are practically non-existent.

Having a well-managed e-commerce site can bring you great returns with very little investment. Learn about some of the main reasons to start or complement your store with online sales:

Why You Must Have E-commerce Website


For a physical store to be known to many people, it must have a good marketing strategy and an excellent location, as well as quality products and positive comments transmitted by word of mouth. Otherwise, it will cost you a lot to get ahead and be taken into account by people.

The Internet is the main channel for communication between people, and it is responsible for increasing the sale of your products and also the rise of your brand. Your website contributes strongly to increasing the number of your existing and potential customers, they will visit your site and get your services. This way you can reach far beyond that, you can reach clients from outside your city and country. Remember, you will be available around the clock

Direct communication

Companies must always keep in mind what their consumers want. For this, they have to share the communication channels where they present their opinions.

Brands must be present in each place where their customers are to immediately respond to questions, doubts or claims, or to know their tastes and interests, and social networks are the ideal channels to do so, in an effective and timely.

62% of consumers search for purchase information on the Web. Take advantage of this trend to conquer them from the search and achieve a direct sale at that very moment.

When creating a website, not only those who live in the same city where it is located, nor those who have transportation facilities will be able to visit the store. Regardless of where a potential client is, they will be able to access your services, look at the offer catalog and buy. When you expand sales possibilities, you attract more customers.

Lower costs

Most businesses have fixed costs that must be paid on time every month. Many times these are very high and are not equated with the monthly sales obtained, so the negative numbers begin.

Having a company that sells online saves a large part of the expenses. And in case the stores have a physical location and the internet, it will be able to generate stability between sales and costs.

Social networks

E-commerce acquires tools that help its massification among the consumers themselves, such as social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or blogs are the communication channels that bring together many people who are willing to share and find out the opinions of others.

Thanks to these platforms, brands can make their web pages or products known thanks to images, comments or a simple “like”. Without a doubt, these will be your best marketing and promotion tool.


We are not going to tell you to do an investigation of your competition because we are sure that you already have it, but be careful because surely you did that investigation based on the physical competition around you.

That’s why the first thing you should do is go directly to Google and analyze your online competition.

Combine keywords and form sentences that you think your customers will search the internet and see who appears in the results. With this, enter those sites and be sure to see how they write their content, what kind of words they repeat, how they publish their information.

Because virtual stores are available Throughout the week , sales never stop and your customers will always be able to visit you. Communication with users improves and the shopping experience, in most cases, is always positive. By selling online you can offer a variety of payment methods, which is the number one attraction of why customers prefer to buy through a website.

Technology advances

Technology grows by leaps and bounds. Currently, many stores have online sales and have implemented online tester systems, perfect for defining the purchase of undecided consumers.

Now in the world of smart phones, most people turn to the Internet using their mobile phones at any time. You can take advantage of the development of this relationship, you can ensure that your site contains a mobile and tablet version.

Also, apps that stimulate and facilitate shopping are important to make shopping on your site easier. You can take advantage of the experience of a programmer or SEO professional in managing your site for the best results.

More savings

The important thing for companies is not to spend the budget more than necessary to operate. This is why the more savings they achieve without reducing their quality, the more competitive they will be. Thanks to the Internet and online sales, catalog printing and articles like pamphlets will be a thing of the past. What is more, they will no longer be useful, because with this massive means of communication you will be able to reach more people at the premises.

Therefore, in addition to saving on rents and costs of water and electricity, as well as payroll, you will also reduce costs in stationery and energy use, which is also an environmentally friendly option.

New ways to buy

Today, we live in an era of technology and comfort. People are already used to using the Internet as a means of payment or shopping. That is, customers already buy online, and it is not a new method that should be feared or doubted about its operation. What’s more, every day more people are betting on this model, so you just have to make sure that your site is safe, navigable and attractive.